How to Downgrade the Mag boxes

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1. Download the correct image for your device from the below links and follow the instruction how you can flash your device to get back access to IPTVs and Video Clubs, Mag250…. Mag254…. Mag256…. Mag322

2. Extract the .zip file on your computer. Then copy the folder you get onto a FAT formatted High Quality USB flash drive (max 16gb or less, we recommend Kingston or SanDisc. Do not be surprised if a cheap usb disc doesn’t work !!!). It needs to be the folder, with the files inside it, placed at the root of the USB drive. Do not change any folder/filenames.

3. Insert the Flash drive into a USB port on your STB

4. Remove the power from the STB and then replace while holding down the ‘Menu’ button on the STB remote control until the box boots into a blue screen, this is the STB BIOS screen.

5. Navigate to ‘Upgrade Tools’, then ‘USB Bootstrap’ and follow the onscreen messages to install the original firmware.

6. Once completed and rebooted, enter ‘Settings’ and then ‘System Settings’, scroll all the way down on the left hand column and find the ‘Software update’ option.

7. Run the software update and you are done. You must follow the instructions EXACTLY

Did you download the file to your computer ? NOT direct to the usb disk? Did you unzip the file to your computer ? NOT on the usb disk Did you copy the entire folder labelled mag250 NOT the files inside USB must be no larger than 16GB and of high quality.

For more information you can watch the below YouTube video how is the process of flashing a Mag device to get it un-blocked. URL:…

Please don’t forget to turn off the Auto-Update after you are done with Flashing.

In case of question, please drop us en email or a message

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